Privacy policy

The privacy of our clients is very important to all of us. This is why we adhere only to the best standards when it comes to the protection of all the information that our customers give us. We will never share any part of your information to any third parties, and only authorized people will have access to all of the data that we gather from customers. We will take measures to prevent unauthorized access, keep every piece of information accurate and updated, and make sure that your information will be used correctly. Privacy is doubly important for people on the Internet, which is why we will always ask for your permission before we use your information.

Do keep in mind that you will be agreeing to our privacy policy if you visit our site, agree to receive any email from us and request for our company’s services.

We will be asking for certain information from our customers upon registration. This includes their name, gender, address, home and mobile phone number, and email address. We will use this information, along with your logged IP address, only for us to give you the services that you asked for, and for any statistical data which will be important for simple diagnostics and troubleshooting should we encounter any errors with our servers.

Sharing of Information
We will not be using your contact information without your prior knowledge, and therefore will only be used with your permission. This information will be used solely to personalize your experience with our company and for us to reach out to you when you need us. We will only use your information without informing you if we believe that we are being or have been used for unlawful acts and violations of our Terms of Service.

We reserve the right to make any updates and modifications to our policy. This can happen anytime, but we will notify our customers by posting a statement on our homepage regarding these changes. We will also show the date in which these changes will be effective. Customers that continue subscribing to our services means that they have acknowledged and confirmed their acceptance of the changes in this policy.

You may visit our contact us page if you have some questions regarding our Privacy Policy and other queries regarding our company.